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Failure Analysis

We assess failures of structures, equipment, machinery, consumer & industrial products and industrial processes to address the following issues:

  • Fundamental Sources of Failure
  • Product Liability
  • Design Flaw / Operating Limits
  • Protection & Prevention
  • Applicable Standards Compliance
  • Recalls
  • Processing Engineering Failures
  • Warnings
  • Loss Mitigation

What about "Unexplained" Failures in a Complex System? Our broad training in fundamental applied science and our experience in the controls, mechanisms, processes and technologies in use today allow us to assist our clients with failures in complex systems, such as the circuit component failure shown above. We understand that complex systems often involve a number of subsystems and conflicting factors, which can result in many theories as to how it failed.

Each player, from the manufacturer to the various maintenance contractors will have their theories, defending their work on the system. We provide objective answers and reveal the true cause.